2022/2023 Akwa-Ibom State English SS2 Mock Promotion Exam




Tola was born into a poor man family of Mr. and Mrs. Bewaji. She was the first child of her family. in her parents struggled hard to do everything to satisfy her. As a girl from a poor background, Tola lived an austere life in accordance with the training her parents gave her. Though she comes from a poor family, Tola believed in hardwork and she denied herself of many things.

In her class was Bunmi, a girl who was repeating the class. Despite the fact that other members of the class were unfriendly towards Bunmi, Tola believed that she could make an impact on the life of Bunmi. She decided one need walk up to Bunmi who was always lonely and asked to become her friend. “You don’t have to be lonely, you will need a companion to gear you up for success to the next class”. Bunmi accepted Tola as her friend and they were s together. They studied together and lived a disciplined life.

However, Bunmi started deviating from the disciplined life that Tola introduced to her. She was influenced by the affluence of her parents and some other girls who called themselves Big Girls’ of the school. Bunmi started going to parties, playing truancy in school, and participating in other wayward activities. She enjoyed the company of the so-called Big Girls’ and kept Tola at arm’s length. She refused to talk to Tola again but Tola insisted that she must talk to Bunmi to make her see reasons.

One day, after the day’s lectures, she walked towards Bunmi’s friends and excused her out of their company. Bunmi followed her and they sat in one of the lecture halls to talk. You have been trying to avoid me recently and I don’t know why’, said Tola. ‘I have not done such things but I think that one has to mix with others so as to be sociable”, replied Bunmi. “Let me tell you, nothing can be achieved in this world without discipline. I would have been happy if you could dissociate yourself from your indisciplined friends so as not to experience failure in life”. What Tola said infuriated Bunmi and she slapped her. after which she went out of the hall in great anger.

After leaving Tola holding her face in hands as a result of the slaps, Bunmi went back to her friends and told them everything that Tola said. They promised to deal with Tola and make sure that life became miserable for her in school.

A month after, Bunmi and her friends were invited to a party in town where one of their boyfriends was hosting his friends. As they were at the party. enjoying themselves. a gang of armed robbers attacked them. They were asked to lie down on the floor and surrender all what they had on them. Bunmi and her friends promptly complied as well as other four boys. There was one of the boys who decided to take on the robbers and as a result of this, there was confrontation with the armed robbers. In anger, the armed robbers decided to kill all of them including the girls. The boys were sprayed with bullets while the armed robbers decided to beat the girls one after the other. As it was almost the turn of Bunmi. she decided to look for a way of escaping As she was running out of the room while the robbers were beating one of her friends. one of the armed robbers shot her. Fortunately for her. the bullet hit her right arm but she managed to escape.

The news of Bunmi and her friends escapade spread like wild fire and Bunmi was admitted into a hospital where she was treated of the gun shot wounds. Tola decided to visit her friend in the hospital to offer once again the hands of fellowship. When Bunmi saw Tola. she felt remorse and was sober and she said ‘I would have listened to you. If I had listened to you. I wouldn’t be in this mess. Tola consoled her with soothing words. l thank God you are still alive to amend your ways”. Bunmi turned her face to look Tola straight in the face and she said How I wish I had listened to you. After the incident I then realized that it pays to be disciplined.

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