2024 IJMB Expo (Runz) / IJMB Runs 2024: Legit 2024 IJMB Runz

What Is 2024 IJMB Runs (Expo)?

Welcome to examburners IJMB portal, see how you can get accurate 2024 IJMB questions and answers before your exam and score 3 A’s with ease.

As you have visited this website today, success has visited your future IJMB exam result. I am seeing 15 points in your IJMB Exam results.

Thank your stars you arrived at the right place, alas! Now let’s help you claim 13 points or 15 points in your IJMB exam.

I want to inform you now that this website is the only place you can get the correct IJMB Expo or runz a day before your exam or a minimum of 8hrs before your exam proposed time.

My dear, there are a lot of benefits to joining the examburners IJMB VIP whatsapp group.

Hence, it is important you are a member of the IJMB group as soon as possible.


See Reasons Why You Should Join The Group On Time;

1. You get the exam Specimen before your colleagues (science students)

2. We start mentoring and giving you tips on how to apply for the expo. Don’t forget that your exam constitutes only Essay and practical.

3. You save yourself money because there are a lot of discounts attached to joining the VIP than paying for specific courses.


How to join the 2024 IJMB Runz VIP group?

To know more about IJMB Expo and How much you have to pay to join our exclusive IJMB VIP group for legit 2024 IJMB runz.

Make sure you contact us here for your legit IJMB runz via 0903-234-7323 on WhatsApp.

We are always online to deliver the best IJMB runz for 2024!


2022 ijmb runz


Ijmb runz


2024 IJMB Runz/Expo/Runs

Thank you for visiting ExamBurners.Com for your 2024 IJMB runs; God bless you on your journey to score 15 points in IJMB!

Now let’s get down to work;

  1. How to score 15 points in IJMB 2024?
  2. How to get accurate IJMB runz?
  3. Is IJMB Runs real?
  4. 2024 Midnight IJMB Expo?
  5. How to get IJMB questions and answers a day before the exam?

On this page, I the CEO of ExamBurners will show you how to bang IJMB questions with A in 5 steps.


Step 1: Subscribe with ExamBurners for 2024 IJMB Runz

I want to let you know now that ExamBurners will drop IJMB Real Questions and Answers a minimum of 4hrs before the exam and a maximum of midnight before the exam time. Our solvers are well-experienced IJMB tutors and examiners. We don’t give in to failure here at Examburners. But you need to subscribe to be part of this amazing IJMB Examburners family. Permit me to use family. We will deliver the real 2024 IJMB Expo to the paid group.

How To Subscribe For 2024 IJMB Runs?

Without wasting much of your time. One thing you should not forget. You have to be expecting more new questions. From my experience over the years, IJMB does not repeat their past questions.

I am very sure by this time next year you would have secured yourself in 200L. But you need a good point to achieve that which should be A’s and B’s.

WARNING: Anyways to join my IJMB Expo VIP group is not free. Hence;

For science students

  1. 3 subjects With practical is ₦35k
  2. 3 subjects without practicals cost ₦20k

For art courses

  1. 3 subjects cost ₦20k

Contact us now using the WhatsApp button or whatsapp at 0903-234-7323.

Note: If you feel your subject is special; We might reduce the amount to suit you. If you feel you should negotiate proceed to call or Whatsapp 0903-234-7323 to Score 15 points in IJMB: 2024/2024 IJMB Runz Questions and Answers are now available.

Success is in the hands of the hardworking…


Step 2: Hard work And Prayer (Ora et labora) + 2024 IJMB Expo

You have to read for a minimum of 5hrs per day and make sure you use the recommended IJMB textbooks to study as well as the syllabus. You might be surprised why I am mentioning reading on this website instead of you to be hearing Runs and runz throughout. The simple reason behind this is just that reading enhances performance in the IJMB exam.

2022 jupeb runz



Don’t relent in your studying… that’s why I have been reluctant to inform you about EXAMBURNERS 2024 IJMB Expo ASSISTANCE.

I don’t want you to disrupt your normal reading routine because of this IJMB runz assistance I am introducing to you.

Did you know that; Some students find it hard to use our IJMB Runs assistance when they can’t plot graphs in physics? Just imagine, you need to double up your hustle academically, relying solely on IJMB Runz is not the answer. You need something upstairs to combine with our legit IJMB Expo assistance. If you fail practical; that is an automatic C. Hope you know that. If you don’t know before now, you now know it.


Step 3: Smart Studying To Achieve Optimum Use Of 2024 IJMB Runz

solve many IJMB questions and answers in your textbook and past questions.


Step 4: Take your 2024 IJMB Expo Practical Serious Like Your Life Depends On It

Especially for IJMB science students.


Step 5: Balance Academic Pressure

  • Don’t let talks from lecturers scare you
  • Don’t be distracted by people at your school or college. Forget about making money now and focus on your studies. Your IJMB school fees is bigger than the small money you want to chase.



3 Reasons Why You Need To Choose Examburners As Your Ijmb Runs 2024 Plug


We will help you avoid these 3 unpleasant factors below;

  1. Not Getting Your Desired Course if You Do Not Pass Well in IJMB exam.
  2. You May End Up Losing All Your Money if Don’t Get Admitted via IJMB.
  3. Not All IJMB Students Gain Admission.






I want to show you how to get 2024 IJMB Expo 6hrs to 8hrs before your exam. If you are here to get raw information about the list of universities that accept the IJMB program, kindly scroll to the middle of this post and read it thoroughly.


How To Get IJMB Runz 2024 Midnight Before The Exam?

Worry no more! because you have just found the only legit IJMB expo 2024 source which is examburners. Here I will show you how to get accurate IJMB 2024 runs (IJMB questions and answers before the exam). 

Many IJMB lecturers and centre directors keep whispering to the ears of their students that 2024 IJMB expo assistance is not real, but I want to inform you that nothing is impossible here at examburners. In this post, I will show you how we succeeded in 2024 IJMB runs and how you will score high points using our 2024 IJMB Questions and Answers. I will also tell you how you can be part of our 2024 IJMB Questions and Answers subscribers.


To enjoy ExamBurners 2024 IJMB runz/Questions and Answers/assistance, you have to be part of our subscribers; which means you will pay to acquire 2024 IJMB expo Questions and Answers 6hrs to 8hrs before your exam. In this life, if you cannot pay the price, you cannot win the prize. Please don’t quote me wrong here; in regard to your IJMB exam because I am also after your success. To subscribe for the 2024 IJMB runs is not by force but by choice. Believe me or not some people will pay for IJMB expo 2024 and fail, some will not pay and pass and another person will pay for examburners IJMB expo and score a high score of 14 or 15 points.



How To Subscribe For 2024 IJMB Runz?

The IJMB Questions and Answers/assistance price amount ranges from N10,000 to N35,000 depending on the nature of your subjects (with practical or without practical). We are assuring you of a minimum of 12 points. If you don’t get 12 points or more; ask for a refund. Note that you have your part to play in the exam.





Tertiary institutions in Nigeria that accept the IJMB programme are virtually limitless. Almost all universities in the Northern part of Nigeria accept IJMB. This is one major advantage the IJMB programme has over JUPEB in the category of Advanced Level examination. 

However, we implore prospective students to be certain their institution of choice accepts the programme before they apply so make sure you visit your aspired university website to check if they register for IJMB or call someone in that institution. You can confirm this information with us by following the whatsapp button or 0903-234-7323.

Also, bear in mind that when you register with us, we will give you the best advice and guidance that will help you secure admission to your university of choice.


Are you going to subscribe with us for IJMB 2024 expo? If yes. Contact us at 0903-234-7323 (WhatsApp).

In addition, note that all private universities accept the admission of students into 200 level through IJMB. There are more universities available that are not on the list.

Please, take note that this website does not represent any university, and neither does it serve as the official IJMB website because we are here to only render assistance. The website is aimed at educating, and providing information, consultation, resource and materials to both registered and prospective applicants of the programme. We are also here to provide you with a legit IJMB expo and we aim at referring prospective applicants to affiliate private study centres within their proximity. Hence, we will NOT take responsibility for any misinformation or loss of money.

Thank you for reading about the 2024 IJMB runz and I am sure you will be part of those that will shock IJMB examiners with 3 straight A’s.


Examburners would love to partner with you in your forthcoming IJMB exam.

Thanks for visiting this lovely IJMB dubs page!


2022 ijmb runz


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