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On this page, I will expose you to frequently asked CRS JAMB Past questions with our well-structured CRS JAMB quiz. Your aim should be to score 90% in the 2024 JAMB exam!

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The king of Assyria who took Samaria was

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During the time of Amos the prophet.......was the priest of Bethel

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Deborah was......in Israel

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God commanded Abraham to circumcise his male descendants as

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Who were mistaken for gods in the Acts of the Apostles?

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Paul's First Missionary Journey started from

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Who was the first Christian Martyr?

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The Acts of the Apostles tells the story of how

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The Acts of the Apostles was initially written for

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The Prophet who was with the exiles of 597 BC in Babylon was

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The spies sent to Jericho by Joshua were helped by

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The last plague inflicted upon the Egyptians was

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Moses, after killing the Egyptian fled to

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Israel(Jacob)charged his people to bury him

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Who was Isaac's wife?

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After his arrest in Jerusalem, Paul was supported by the Pharisees because

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Gamaliel advice the council to release the apostles because

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In the parable of the friend at the midnight, the man will get up and assist him because

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Martha's sister was called

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In St. Mark's gospel the women are told at the empty tomb

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Are you here to answer JAMB CRS’s past questions? Do you want to take a short CRS JAMB test? Do you want to score a very high mark this year? If yes, this JAMB CRS test is for you.

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Why this JAMB CRS test is important:

  1. Self-confidence will be built into topics you understand clearly while practicing questions.
  2. Your flaws will be exposed in your weak areas or topics.
  3. The direction of reading and studying will be established.
  4. Motivation to study more.

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Things to take note of during the quiz:

  1. Time spent per question
  2. Difficult questions and topics such questions are derived from.
  3. Average score
  4. Easy questions and topics.


How to technically apply points you have fully noted

  1. Logically revise your easy topics and questions every 2 weeks
  2. Devote quality time to topics that seem difficult
  3. Practice more questions on your easy and hard topics.
  4. Work on your speed during quizzes by setting a timer.
  5. Retake quizzes after studying the topic.

How to study CRS effectively for 2024 JAMB.

  1. Balance reading or studying time with other subjects.
  2. Set a goal, either daily or a weekly goal.
  3. Join Examburners JAMB tutorial if you find it hard studying alone.
  4. Get Your hardcopy CRS JAMB Past questions.
  5. Study and practice JAMB CRS past questions after reading each topic.
  6. Get a 20-leaf notebook and write down all the formulas from all the CRS topics in the JAMB syllabus.

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