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2022 NECO Questions and Answers

2024 NECO Literature in English Questions and Answers

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Number 2…

The novel is centred on the feminist quest of the heroine, Adah. Feminism is the pursuit by man woman to secure more freedom or welfare for females in a place where men are essentially in control or decide what happens as in our culture or tradition. This novel has many points in the narration where the heroine tries to question a poor treatment of females, assumptions about them or their being taken for granted. On the very first page of the novel, the narrator informs that Adah “arrived when everyone was expecting and predicting a boy.” (p. 7). This indicates that society places more premium on the male than on the female. The narrator further remarks that the failure of Adah’s parents to record her birthday is because “she was such a disappointment to her parents, to her immediate family, to her tribe…” (p. 7). Rather than encourage Adah to take up education, she being older, Boy her younger brother is taken to school. As for the girl, “a year or two would do, as long as she can write her name and count” (p. 9). This is not acceptable to Adah who not only forces herself into Mr Cole’s class, but has to tell lies to obtain the two shillings to afford the cost of the entrance form.

Early in Adah’s life, s has become conscious of the sexes, who is to be relied upon more than the other. She says it is her mother, Ma, who gives such a low opinion of the feminine gender. As the narrator puts it, based on what Adah thinks, “… when in real trouble, she would rather look for a man. Men were so solid, so safe” (p. 12). As it turns out in the novel, however, Adah’s reliance on her husband, Francis, is a catastrophe. Not only does he fail to lead his family, he fails to show support to his wife who is the breadwinner of the family.

Adah is compelled by the mother to choose elderly suitors who in the thinking of her mother would look after wives better. Adah is not moved by this view. She wants young suitors rather than those who “she would have to treat as a master or refer to as ‘Sir’ even behind his back” (p. 20). Modern feminism is not so keen about marriage but Adah’s feminist temper initially saw marriage as an escape route out of homelessness. The home she aspires to have is not one there would be trouble today and fights tomorrow, but a good, quiet atmosphere…” (p. 25). Ironically, her marriage with Francis does not provide such a peaceful air.

In their marriage, Adah diseovers that Francis is an African through and through” (p. 30). Even what concerns Adah is not meant to be known by her. To Francis, “he was the mafe, and he was right to tell her what she was going to do” (p. 30). Only once does he kiss Adah in public, and thereafter Francis remains within his African traditional dictates.


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Answer one questions from each section.Each questions carries 25 marks




John K.kargbo : Let Me Die Alone

1.Write on any there dramatic techniques employed in the play.

2.Discuss the theme of colonial imperialism in the text.


Wole Soyinka :The Lion and the jewel

3.With adequate textual illustration, discuss the use of irony in the play

4.Discuss any three themes employed in the play




John osborne :Lock Back in Anger

5.justify how the playwright has used the symbols of church bells,bear and squirrel to portray personal and family lives in the text.

6.Discuss any three themes in the play.


August Wilson :Fences

7.”Troy’s life is characterized will holiness” Discuss

8.Discuss the significance of conflict to the development of the text




9.Discuss any three themes in”The Leader and the Led” by Niyi Osundare

10.Account for the use of imagery and symbolism in “Raider of the Treasure Trove”by Lade Wosornu



11.Discuss D.H. Lawrence’s”Bat” as a romantic poem

12.Write on any three poetic devices used in “Binsey Poplars”by G.M Hopkins.



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2024 NECO Literature-in-English-Answers!





(i)Gender; It does not seem that Soyinka consciously tries to make a statement about gender, but he does so nonetheless. On the one hand, he creates two female characters that are sassy, opinionated, manipulative, and independent. On the other hand, both of them are ultimately pawns in the games of men. Sidi does not want to marry either Lakunle or Baroka, but Baroka tricks her, rapes her, and then gets to marry her. She is an object and nothing more. Sadiku is also tricked, and sees her elation over the Bale’s impotence and the power of women vanish as his plot is made clear. Women may seem like they have power in mid-20th century Nigeria, but they ultimately do not.


(ii)Tradition and Modernity; This is perhaps the most conspicuous theme in the play. It initially seems like Soyinka is setting a clear dichotomy between these two things, tradition embodied by Baroka and modernity embodied by Lakunle. However, as the play progresses Soyinka defies the audience’s assumptions. Lakunle espouses a variety of backwards views and seems to abandon his progressive principles when it is convenient to do so. Similarly, Baroka says he does not hate progress but merely finds its sameness and stagnation boring. He is preparing to use a stamp machine to make the village make money as they do in Lagos. Soyinka thus suggests that progress is not bad, but that it must be done on African terms.


(iii)Trickery and Manipulation; Most of the characters in this play decide to trick and manipulate others in order to achieve their ends. This is perceived to be a much more effective method than being forthright, as the things characters want come at the expense of others’ feelings and wishes. Sidi and Sadiku try to fool the Bale so they can feel a sense of triumph at his humbling, and the Bale fools Sadiku and Sidi so he can subdue Sidi and acquire her as one of his wives. Even though Soyinka carries this out with a light touch and a great deal of witty repartee, the fact remains that there is a lot of lying and manipulation in the play.


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(i)Alliteration; One of the significant figurative devices used in this poem is alliteration. By alliteration, one refers to the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of different words on the same line. A golden example of this in the poem can be found in line 4, where the poetic persona says, ‘of a fresh, following and folded rank’. In these lines, there is the repetition of the sound /f7. Another example can be found in line 8, where the poetic persona says, ‘wind-wandering weed-winding bank’. Other examples within the poem include: ‘…swam or sank’ (line 7),’quelled…quenched’ (line 2), ‘all felled, felled, are all felled’ (line 3), ‘fresh…following folded’ (line 4),’quelled or quenched in leaves* (line 2), ‘growing green’ (line 11), ‘sleek.. .seeing’ (line 14) and’beauty been’ (line 19).


(ii)Imagery; This poem is also awash with imagery. The visual images incurred by the reading of this poem are rich in vibrancy and power. In line 1, the poetic persona describes the tree branches as ‘airy cages’. This expression cages can mean that the cages contain much space. However, within the context of this poem, what is brought to the readers’ imagination is the idea of a cage that can retain air. This is impossible because most of the time, a cage is made up of iron bars with spaces and thus, cannot hold in air. Here, one is made to imagine a tree’s branches and how although it has spaces like a cage, it can cage air is to cool anyone that comes under its shade. In line 3, the poetic persona says, ‘all felled, felled, are all felled’. This creates in the mind of the reader the visual image of the trees falling and landing on the ground. Even the sound of ‘felled’ in continuous repetition sounds like the thud of falling trees.



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