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GCE. abbreviation for. General Certificate of Education:

As a student sitting for GCE examination, you have a lot of work to do be it WAEC GCE or NECO GCE believe me. There’s more to it…

This page will guide you on what you should do to be able to over power any gce exam even without expo.

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There are 3 types of Gce exams in Nigeria 

  2. NECO GCE and
  3. Nabteb

Something peculiar about GCE exam is that it goes in a different dimension when it comes to practicals and that has to do with mostly science students.


Why does GCE Exam Practicals not have specimens?

Gce exams do not have practicals because it saves the exam bodies’ the stress of coordinating exam centers for external. Why did I say so? The students sitting for the GCE exam are external students and therefore considered not to have time for regular contact with the centers for practice. There Most GCE exams are very simple and direct. Taking physics for exam; all you need is how to plot graphs and take readings from paperwork. 

In Biology GCE Practical, all you need is to do; study all relevant diagrams in your modern Biology textbook.

In Chemistry just learn all the possible tests for metals (cations) and nonmetals (anions). I can actually give you all the solutions to that. And also learn how to calculate titration questions.

From all, I have said you must have seen how simple GCE is.


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