2022 Ekiti State Unified SS2 Mock Promotion Exam Timetable (Expo/Runs)

Ekiti state unified ss2 mock promotion exam Timetable is now available

Ekiti State unified ss2 mock exam is an exam conducted by the Ekiti State Ministry of Education. This exam was instituted to test the mental, academic and preparedness of Ss2 students promotional level. To know if Ekiti ss2 students are prepared or not to move to the next class which is SS3.

Hence if you fail Ekiti unified promotional mock exam then you will repeat SS2. Are you ready to pass Ekiti State mock unified promotional exam? If Yes, then this is best website for you.


ADJUSTED Ekiti Unified Time Table for 2022

2022 ekiti state unified Timetable

Steps on how to pass Ss2 Unified promotional exam

  1. Ensure you have messaged us with the subjects you need.
  2. Make sure you have made payment to 0903-234-7323 on Whatsapp for your listed subjects above. A sum of N3500.
  3. If you’re not a student of Ekiti, you are not in the wrong place as we cab still help you.

How To Get Ekiti State Unified Exam Timetable

The Ekiti unified promotional exam timetable will be posted here immediately it is available! Hence, make sure you stay tuned to this website for Ekiti Mock Timetable.


Is Ekiti State Unified Mock Timetable Out?

YES, the timetable is now out. Immediately The Ekiti State Ministry of Education Finalises the exam dates and time of each subject, the correct timetable will be posted here at examburners.com.


Is the Ekiti State Unified Exam Timetable thesame for all Schools in Ekiti?

Yes, the timetable will be strictly used by all Public schools in Ekiti State. Any school that fails to comply will be subject to the law.



  • Avoid lateness to exam hall.
  • Dress properly.
  • Make sure you are on your complete school uniform.
  • Avoid putting on the wrong uniform.
  • The exam hall should be void of communication and unnecessary noise.


YES! there is Expo/Runz for Ekiti State unified ss2 promotion exam and the only exam portal that can provide with legit and real Ekiti State mock exam Expo is Examburners.com.

Some still ask; Is there Runz for Ekiti State Unified Mock Exam? YES, Ekiti State mock expo and Ekiti State Exam Runz is thesame and there’s no difference!


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