2022 NECO GCE Agric Science Practical Questions and Answers

2022 NECO Questions and Answers

NECO GCE Agricultural Science Practical Expo 2022


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INTRODUCTION NECO GCE Agric practical Runz

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Tuesday 19th July 2022

Agricultural Science (Practical)

2:00pm – 3:30pm

NECO GCE-Agric-Practical-GUIDE

Agric practical carries the highest marks has three questions. The candidate is given two hours. Candidates are allowed to all questions depending on how many they are asked to answer for Agricultural Science practical.


Some tips for NECO GCE 2022 Agric practical Questions are;

1. Make sure you know all about the Agric specimen you are being given. You should know things like the specimen color, shape, habitat, scientific name, uses, by product and other necessary things.

2. Observation of specimen is very crucial. You need to put down what you see, know and feel about the specimen. That is why you need to subscribe now with Examburners.com (0903-234-7323 on Whatsapp)

3. Get ready to draw and label diagrams!

4. If you are ask to make observations of a list of keys, it best to answer the questions with neat and accurate tables. The tables must look attractive to examiners. Rough work results in low marks.

5. You must have a clear and sharp drawings in the Agric Practical NECO GCE Exam.

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2022 data Processing specimen Practical

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NECO Questions and Answers 2022

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Neco Questions and Answers

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Click here to see NECO GCE Agric practical specimens and know the available specimens for biology practical exam >>{CLICK HERE}.

Tuesday 19th July 2022

Agricultural Science (Practical)

2:00pm – 3:30pm

2022 Neco Questions and Answers

Neco 2022 questions and answers

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